A healthy mouth (healthy gums, fresh breath, beautiful teeth) is the mirror of our digestive health. Knowing that the majority of our immunity functions takes place in our gut, then our digestive health is a mirror of our overall health.
Achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile has become pretty much complicated. Bad breath, usually related to unhealthy diets is unattractive and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are natural, healthy ways that can help you get a healthy, gorgeous smile.

healthy gorgeous smile 1

1. Nourish yourself

Eating sugary, processed food would not any good to your dental health. Sounds cliché but for optimum dental health, the important thing is to watch what you eat. Raw, fresh, organic leafy greens, fruits and vegetables grown in rich soils, can decrease your risk of developing tooth decay.

2. Coconut oil

Try using dental products that contain coconut oil. Ayurvedic medicine used this oil as a mouthwash. It works as a natural antibiotic. Coconut oil is proven to fight streptococcus bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

3. Use neem

Neem is a perfect herb that prevents tooth decay. Neem boosts the immune system and our body’s resistance to develop dental cavity. You can consume it as a tea or as a supplement in capsules. There are toothpastes that contain neem extract, and neemstick is as efficient as a toothbrush in removing dental plaque.

4. Oil of oregano

Oregano oil is a natural antiseptic that has powerful antibacterial properties. Gum and tooth infections respond very quickly to this oil. You can add it to a mouthwash, apply it to the gums of teeth or put a few drops in your toothpaste two times per day. When used regularly, oregano oil can significantly improve your oral hygiene.

sage for healthy gorgeous smile

5. Sage water as mouthwash

Another perfect antiseptic herb is sage. It is very refreshing and efficient if used as mouthwash. Boil peppermint and sage leaves in water, and then let it cool. Pour the water in a small bottle of mouthwash. You can also add a little of thyme essential oil. Use it two times a day.

6. Avoid carbonated drinks

Research shows that people who often consume soft drinks are more at risk of developing dental cavity not only because of the sugar these drinks contain, but also because of the acidity of carbonated drinks that is proven to damage the enamel of the teeth.