Frustration. Irritation. Anger. These are common emotions that women experience while trying to obtain faster hair growth. On the market there are numerous products that promise centimeters of growth in only two weeks. We also have an amazing amount of controversial “hair growth tips”. The bad thing is that they do more harm to your hair and never show their positive effect.

hair growth

But don’t be disappointed, there is some good news about this issue. Faster hair growth can be really possible. It can be achieved without spending large amounts of money and time, with the help of some natural treatments.

Scientists have been researching the process of hair growth. They have discovered that it is possible to grow hair with a healthy nutrition, which contributes hair with the proper proteins.

Also there are some natural treatments that are healthy for hair growing. Below is the list of the most effective ones:

Hot oil treatments

Treatments with hot oils are very efficient in improving hair growth. The best acknowledged options are coconut oil and castor oil.

Herbal treatments

Herbs can be used for rinsing hair and therefore to stimulate hair growth. The most favorite is rosemary due to its ability for stimulating hair follicles.

Egg white treatments

Egg whites are rich with vitamins and minerals and for long time have been connected with fast hair growth. Don’t forget to remove the yolks before.

Onion juice and Aloe Vera

Onion juice has high levels of sulfur. It has the ability to stimulate hair follicles and to provide faster hair growth. Aloe Vera is good for removing excess sebum. Sebum is the secret of hair glands and is connected with slower hair growth.

Apple cider vinegar

This health tonic can do several important things for faster hair growing. It naturally vitalizes hair follicles .In your hair it provides balanced pH level. That is important for protection from any additional damage.

You can also help your hair growing faster if you follow some of these advices:

• Reduce hair washing
• Do regular trims
• Try lower stress levels
• Don’t comb your hair when is wet
• Handle your hair with care