Many people don’t like much taking medicine. Instead, they prefer to use some natural methods for different conditions and illnesses. Nature provides immensely of the medicine that we need. Here we are offering an effective honey and sage cough syrup recipe.
The preparation of this syrup is so simple, but what we get is a very effective remedy. We all know how beneficial honey is to our overall health. Sage is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent herb, which makes it efficient for coughs and sore throats. Honey and sage together make a fantastic cough syrup, which is so simple that everyone should make it.

Honey & Sage Cough Syrup

honey and sage cough syrup 2

Things You’ll Need

• 1 cup of organic, fresh sage leaves
• 1 cup of raw honey, opt for local
• a clean glass container or jar that can hold at least 350 ml (12 oz) and can be airtight seal

Process of preparation

1. Wash and dry the sage very thoroughly.
2. Remove the stems from the leaves.
3. Put the sage leaves in the glass jar, and add the honey over them.
4. Stir it up with a spoon, and close the jar. Each day you need to stir it up a little bit. Let it sit like this for a week.
5. Use this syrup in teaspoonfuls for coughs and sore throats, or add a spoonful into a glass of warm water with lemon juice as a soothing tea.
6. Store in the fridge. You can use it for a long time as honey is a great preservative.

This is a very flexible recipe: use more sage with less honey for the stronger sage syrup, and reversed.
You can also use this syrup over some fruit salad as a delicious desert.