Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is quite an embarrassing illness and most of the people don’t want to talk about it. Maybe that is because of the way this disease is contracted. But it is important to know that this disease can affect your life in many areas. There are various types of STD’s, some can be treated easily but some can be life dangerous.
Only a medicine person can diagnose if you have an STD and suggests you a right treatment plan.


There are some natural remedies that can also help you, and the best thing is that these cures could be followed in the intimacy of your home.


Yogurt is one of the efficient natural remedies for STDs. Woman’s natural pH balance can be restored by yogurt, which is vital in the treatment of STDs. Even if may not heal the disease, it will help to keep the symptoms to minimal.
Trichomoniasis is sexually transmitted disease. It affects around 120 000 woman every year.
Experts suggest two douches (to wash the vagina): one in the morning and one at bedtime. First one should contain herbs like Echinacea, calendula and goldenseal. The other one consists of plain yogurt. During the first douche the protozoa will be killed, and with yogurt a healthy flora will be established in the vagina.

Cranberry juice for STDs

Cranberry juice

In cases of STDs the bladder may also be affected. In this cases cranberry juice is really useful. It kills some of the bacteria and helps in relieving the irritation the person experiencing.

Garlic supplement

Garlic is recognized for its natural, healthful properties. The antiviral and antiseptic power of garlic helps naturally cleaning the system. It is beneficial if taken as a supplement.


The food that we are eating can affect STDs positively or negatively. STD such as syphilis and gonorrhea are cured by foods that may help in repairing the natural balance. Parsley, lettuce, sugar, alcohol, some citrus fruits and processed foods must be avoided if having the STDs. It is best to eat only nutritious food. A healthy and balanced diet can treat and amazingly heal STDs.

Neem Tree Fruit

The neem fruit is thoroughly effective in healing STDs due to its pesticidal and medicinal properties. According to research, neem fruit is efficient against some fungal diseases. Taking small amounts of neem leaf or neem bark powder or drinking neem tea can increase the antibody production and the power of the cells to combat infections.