In Asia, Reishi mushrooms have been called “Mushrooms of Immortality”. Some archaeological research shows that reishi mushrooms have been used 7,000 years ago, probably with good reason. These mushrooms aren’t only important for diseases and issues that existed years before, but also for those that are present today.

Reishi mushrooms are recognized for their red, elliptical-shaped caps, woody flavor and tough texture. Unlike other typical mushrooms, they don’t taste that good to put them in a stir-fry or on a salad. Instead it is more common to take the benefits from their extracts.

Reishi Mushrooms benefits

These extracts have been treated in many scientific studies. Therefore reishi mushrooms are reported to reduce blood pressure, boost nervous system function, helping weight loss, even help in prevention of diabetes and cancer -two top health concerns.

Some researches from Bellarmine University found that saponins and polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms are capable to reduce cell multiplying in cancerous lungs. The reason of that is because the compounds in mushrooms can trigger apoptosis (programmed cell death) especially targeting cancer cells and providing their demise.

Another study found that reishi mushrooms extract is able to enhance the immune system and therefore making it more powerful to fight cancer. It is also found that these mushrooms could help in turning down the side effects of cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation. Even the researchers admitted that the results can vary depending on particular cancer type, they recommended six 500 mg capsules of reishi extract daily intake to assist in treating the cancer.

Some lab researches show that reishi mushrooms can also lower blood sugar levels in lab animals. For only a week the extract of these mushrooms was capable to lower blood glucose levels in the experiments with mices. One study from Peking University found that reishi could defend the kidneys from stress that is caused by diabetes.
Reishi mushrooms existed for thousands of years as a natural medicine and that is not just a pure coincidence. Modern natural medicine has included Traditional Chinese Medicine in its foundation and reishi mushrooms have taken an important place in both.