According to the recent studies, Gardasil vaccine, for human papillomavirus (HPV), produced by the Merc& Co. was not completely examined how it effects on the reproductive system.
Girls from Australia experienced horrible consequences from this dangerous vaccine, their ovaries have been destroyed.

This Vaccine Is Destroying Your Daughters Ovaries And Reproductive System
A 16 year girl case was published in the British Medical Journal. She suffered the disastrous effect by this vaccine.
She entered into premature menopause, because her ovaries were totally destroyed.
This is why all the parents must be aware of the consequences of this vaccine.
What is more shocking is that the vaccine was tested on male patients only! The corporation didn’t exam the potential damage to the young girl’s health.
The side effects of this vaccine for the boys are still unknown because they started to take it recently.
According to the Heidi Stevenson’s report – investigative journalist, the Gardasil vaccine contains minimum 2 additive substances which can have dangerous impact on the women’s reproductive system.
In the vaccine are included natural amino acid polysorbate 80 and L-histidine. These chemicals are used in processed food production, but taking them as vaccine can cause numerous biological reactions.
The general reasons for injuring the reproductive system are Polysorbate 80, known as Tween 80, Alkest and Canarcel.
It reduces the weight and function of both ovaries and uterus, although it speeds up the sexual maturation in women.
When the L-histidine is injected in the girls body, can cause an autoimmune reaction to natural substances and a lot of different side effects.