Miranda Kerr, supermodel, ex-Victoria’s Secret angel, mother, author and entrepreneur, and it seems she is able to do all of that. Miranda is doubtlessly genetically blessed, but her dedication and discipline to live a healthy life is truly impressive. Her motivation for good living is to feel good and to do things that are essential to her.
She tries to get all the aspects of healthy living that are crucial for her. She drinks nutritious green smoothies, consumes food that is compatible to her blood type and exercises yoga every morning.
In the video below as well as with the pictures you can see Miranda Kerr’s morning exercise routine. She does a few series of Sun Salutations in the morning, a set of simple seamless yoga poses. This is calming, but also helps energize the body.
Watch the video and be inspired:

Routine Breakdown
Here is a breakdown of what Miranda does:

Miranda-Kerr's morning exercise routine

1. Downward facing dog
She begins her yoga exercise with a Downward Facing Dog for stretching her hamstrings and back.
2. Mountain pose
She puts her hands to her heart and palms pressed into her chest.
3. Extended side angle
Bending forward, she touches the mat and easily go into the extended side angle pose.
4. Upward Facing Dog
Next, she transforms into Upward Facing Dog keeping her thighs off the floor.
5. Repeat 1, 2, 3, 4 ( 3 face on the other side)
6. Triangle pose – Reverse Triangle – Warrior II
She performs Triangle and Reverse triangle pose and then through some transitional poses (upward facing dog, downward facing dog, forward fold, mountain pose) easily put herself to Warrior II pose.
7. Warrior II
And through transitional poses mentioned before, she transforms into Reverse
8. Mountain pose – Deep breathing
At the end she finishes with the mountain pose breathing deeply.
If this sounds difficult to you, you can at least try what Miranda Kerr does for energizing and that is jump up!