The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the Port of San Francisco destroyed numerous illegal containers imported into the U.S from China.
These containers contained rat meat!
The strange thing about this is the plan this rat meat to be sold as chicken meat. The idea was the nasty meat to be shipped to different points in several states, and to be sold as chicken.

Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In US
The FDA states that there is a possibility of another 300,000 lbs. of this meat being offered in groceries and restaurants across the U.S.
The FDA inspector, Ronal Jones, claims that if cooked completely, this meat is not dangerous.
Huge profit!
Allen James, an FBI coordinator, says that the business like this brings great profit. In his statement, he mentioned also the case of opossum meat illegally imported from Mexico. This is another way criminal organizations to make illegal money.
FDA inspectors mentioned that consumers can’t make a difference between this meat and legal meat. The FDA spokesperson, Jenny Brookside says the FDA can’t locate all of the meat that is already on the U.S market. The only way to notice the difference between rat meat and chicken is to determine when this meat has different taste than usual.

The FDA made a study in 2014 that showed the shocking number of 36 million illegally imported meat that gets to the markets in the U.S.