Every woman knows how irritating and painful can menstrual cramps be. Menstrual cramps beside physical problems cause lots of mental problems.
These remedies can help you reduce or even get rid of these awful symptoms and cramps.

Hot water

One of the simplest remedies is to take hot water in a plastic bottle or rubber bag and put it on your stomach.

Mint leaves

Take a few peppermint leaves and soften them in a water or tea. Consume it 2-3 times a day. Mint will help you to reduce the pain.

yoga for menstrual cramps


Some yoga poses can help you to get rid of cramps. For example practice Cobbler’s pose. You will feel better right away.


Parsley is very effective dealing with menstrual cramps. Also, it helps with irregular periods.
Make juice out of parsley leaves and consume it before and during the time of your period.


Ginger tea, or ginger juice can help you with menstrual cramps instantly. Drink it on a regular basis.

Holy basil

This is another great home remedy. You can chew the leaves or make a tea with the leaves. Or just use it as a spice in your meals.


Cinnamon is known as anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic spice. These characteristics make cinnamon one of the effective home remedies. You can consume it raw or add it in your drink, smoothie or coffee.

vitamins-and-minerals for menstrual cramps


Food rich with vitamins is very important if you have a problem with menstrual cramps.
Include fresh fruit such as orange and lime. They are full with vitamins.


Increasing taking of minerals is very important in regulating menstrual problems.
Calcium and potassium are one of the effectively minerals that will help you.