People who have been consuming foods rich in olive oil, legumes, whole grains, fish, vegetable and fruits have stated better overall health, as if the process of aging is being slowed down.
According to the latest scientific study, the diet regimen may significantly extend your life. In fact, the Mediterranean Diet actually has biological markers of slow aging.

The study that was conducted by the Harvard Medical School has shown that women who follow Mediterranean diet regimen have significantly slowed down the process of aging.

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Despite it may not prove causation, the relation between the aging process and Mediterranean diet are very strong! The scientists point to the large amounts of antioxidants in this diet (olive oils, legumes, whole grains, veggies and fruits) as a main cause for this diet’s effect.
In fact, the antioxidants in these fruits reduce oxidative stress and inflammation connected with many chronic issues!

In order to follow the Mediterranean diet, your daily nutrition should include:

• Whole grains
• Fruits and vegetables
• Olive oil

• Herbs and spices

• Beans, nuts, legumes (unprocessed)

• Fish and seafood

• Cheese, poultry, yogurt and eggs

• A minimum of meats and sweets

This diet slows down the process of aging, does not reverse it!


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