Raw, unprocessed honey is popular for its amazing beneficial effects. In addition, researchers and scientists have found a type of honey that can destroy even the worst bacteria known so far.

According to the study that was published in the journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, this honey could be of great importance when many drugs and antibiotics are resistant against superbugs and bacteria.

We are actually talking about jelly bush honey or manuka honey, produced in New Zealand. The producers of this honey demanded trademark protection similar to French champagne and Scottish whiskey.

Manuka Honey Destroys MRSA and other Superbugs

This powerful honey comes from the nectar of tree teas and Leptospermum Scoparium – well known manuka bush native only to New Zealand and Australia.
The strong properties of this honey destroy every pathogen and bacteria and also treat cuts, insects bites and infections on skin when applied topically.
One of the greatest things about his amazing honey is that none of the superbugs it destroyed were able to buildup immunity.
According to Dr. Dee Carter, new antibiotics actually have short shelf life so the bacteria fast become resistant. Many lives can be saved by developing effective alternatives to these drugs.
The presence of compound known as methylglyoxal and its action with other unknown compounds make manuka honey extremely effective at killing bacteria.

Where can Be Found This Honey

Manuka honey can be found online and many health stores. UMF certified is obligatory when you buy this honey because fake honey can be also present on the market. Amazon.com is among the safest places where you can buy this product.

You can also find brand known as Comvita manuka honey on Amazon which erases MRSA:

“I had conducted a research when one of my best friends got MRSA and sadly, I got it too. I spent long time in researching so I was aware what to do exactly.
I did not waste my time, I immediately applied manuka honey of the affected parts of the body and then covered it with bandaid. I felt relief in just a few hours and it was totally gone in just a few days.”

When it comes to destroying one of the largest health problems nowadays, we can definitely say that this honey could do a lot.


Article source: healthy-holistic-living.com