Why using cream with questionable ingredients, not to mention the price, when we can make our own natural and trusted anti-aging cream.
The best part is that the most of the products you already have at home.

all natural anti-aging cream 1

Here is a recipe for moisturizing anti-aging cream


• 1 ounce witch hazel
• 1 ounce glycerin
• ½ ounce rose water (optional)
• 3 tablespoons honey
• 3 tablespoons wheat germ oil

Put all the ingredients in a glass, or bowl and gently whip them until they are connected.
Place the emulsion in a jar or tub, but sealed it tightly. Leave it at room temperature.
This measure should last at least one month.
Massage the cream on the skin on your face around the eyes and mouth and on the neck.
Natural anti-aging skin creams can slow down the aging process (there is no product that can stop the aging process).

We will give you some other suggestions to prevent fast wrinkling of the skin:

– Avoid sun between 9am and 3 pm. But exposing skin on morning or late afternoon sun will help you manufacture vitamin D.
– Drink a lot of water through the day. Hydration is important for skin tone.
– Avoid products that contain mineral oil, petrolatum or hydrogenated oils.
– Avoid toners based on alcohol. They can dry the skin.
– Eat food full with antioxidants, for ex. beans and berries.
– For cleansing always use 100% natural soap.
– Use grapes. Grapes provide collagen. Just mash few grapes with honey, and use it as a mask.