Wrapping the body in a plastic wrap is more and more popular these days.
With this method, the functioning of the sweat glands increases, also blood circulation is faster so all the toxins from the body are eliminated this way.
People usually are using household plastic wrap to lose weight, improve health of their skin or purify the body.
There are few ways to wrap your body and each way is different with different benefits.

Lose Weight and Detox Your Body Overnight With One Cheap and Easy Method

Here we will present you two wrapping ways to detox your body, to lower your weight and to eliminate cellulite.

Wrapping with honey!

Put the honey in a bowl and warm it. You can add egg yolk and some natural essential oil you choose which one (for ex. orange, lemon or jojoba).
Apply this mix on the wanted areas, and then wrap it with household or plastic foil.
Put on winter clothes or just stay under the blanket for one hour.
After that remove the wrap and wash off the areas with water.

Wrapping with clay!

This method is one of the most effective for removing the cellulite and burning the fat from the body.
The blue clay is rich with lots of microelements that are beneficial for our skin.
In warm water add a small amount of blue clay and mix it. Rub this cream on desired area and wrap it with plastic wrap or foil. Put some warm clothes over. Wash it after one hour.
You will have better results if you do some exercises.
Repeat this method twice a week. The fat and the cellulite will disappear.
While wrapped, the skin will become more flexible and softer because of the microelements from the clay.

It is recommended to scrub your body before wrapping it.

The household foil is very cheap and you can find it in any store.
You can do this wrapping treatment on your feet, arms and stomach.
It is very beneficial for forming and strengthening your body.
The foil will make you sweat, which means that you are on your way of losing weight.
Also, your skin will be softer, smoother and your cellulite will be gone.

Warning: If you suffer from cardiovascular ailment, increased blood pressure or widespread veins do not try this method!