The most common problem in women is fat tights. Together with the abdomen, it is the most problematic area of the body to melt the fat. But, fortunately there are effective and easy ways to help you shrink the thigh fat.
Before you start considering workout or going on a diet, try following tips that will help you to melt an inch of thigh fat in only 2 weeks.

Lose An Inch Of Thigh Fat In Just Two Weeks With These Effective Tricks!

Massage Your Legs

Massage of the legs, every day, is very important because that way the blood will flow through the legs. By massaging the skin of your legs you will reduce the cellulite.

Measure Your Thighs

The next step is that to measure your tights. This is a great way to motivate yourself, because you will watch the changes in your body. Also, you can measure any part of the body you want to monitor.
Once in a week measure your tights and write down the results in a journal.

Start Working Out

By workout we don’t think any strenuous workout. Physical activity, every day about 20 minutes will help you to start losing weight naturally, and have better circulation.
The important thing in this physical activity is to work your leg muscles. Leg raises, cycling, walking, squats are ideal for melting fat around your thighs.

Cut Down On Calories

Try to consume 1500 or less calories per day. Very important is to eliminate soda and sugary snacks from your daily menu. Taking more fresh produce is a must.
You will beat constant craving by consuming 5 or 6 mini meals during the day.
If you stick to these simple steps you will surely lose an inch of thigh fat.
Good luck, and stay positive.