France is definitely on the list of the most refined and beautiful countries in Europe. With the perfect climate, culture and amazing foods this country is simply calling for you. Here are 8 reasons why living in France could be awesome:

1. Work to live, not live to work

The French certainly know how to balance life with work. Their work week is 35 hours and the shops and offices close at 7 pm sharply, so the employees can enjoy dinner at home with their families. For overtime work there is a double wage. An hourly lunch is usually paid by the firm as meal coupons. And it is totally ok to have a glass of wine during your lunch, and get back to business eventually. The French have paid vacations of 30 days, starting to accumulate from the moment they get hired. And they spend all 30 days, so don’t plan to do things during August, because everyone is on their vacation. The French law does not allow employees to check work emails after 6pm.
Therefore you should expect that your French partners will not be available out of their working itinerary. The French love to spend time outdoors, for hiking, kayaking or having a picnic and spend some time with friends and family.

2. Higher education is really cheap

For €181 (225$) by year, you can get BA or BS. Post-graduate studies cost €250 (310$) a year. Schools of engineering are a little bit pricier, €596 a year. Obtaining a PhD in France costs €380 for every year of studies. Private colleges cost more, with prices from €3.000 to €10.000 by year. But there is huge number of scholarships to help you with your living expenses. So, by spending around 700-800€ a month, you can have incredible student time in France. To enter a French university is simple, you have to hold B1-B2 level in French and your official documents translated to French.

3. Concentration of art is astounding

The famous museum Louvre stores 35 000 art works, including the most popular Mona Lisa. There you can find wonderful pieces of art from Egyptian antiques, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Islamic Art and a magnificent jewelry collection that belonged to the French nobility. And there is also d’Orsay museum which holds more than 2000 paintings dated from later periods. An Amazing collection of Impressionist: Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas! Then there are Cubists, realists and post-impressionists (Van Gogh). And on the other side of the Sienna, stands Musee l’Orangerie –a wide gallery, with more Monet and Renoir paintings. If you are more into sculpture art, then Musee Rodin is the right place for you. In total, in France there are 169 national museums of art, and 300-400 private galleries and studios.

The Louvre Paris

4. 350 and more types of cheese

If you take into consider slight regional varieties for each cheese type, the number is around thousand. The cheese is made of unpasteurized goat milk, cow milk or lamb milk. And the product is soft cheese, mild cheese, firm or blue. It can be aged for couple of weeks or couple of years. An interesting thing is that most of the cheeses are made by craftsman, not in a factory.

french cheese

5. Excellent wines from 17 wine regions

French wine history dates from the 6th century BC. There is no other country that produces a larger quantity of quality wines than France. French put on the label the place from where the wine comes, instead of the name of the grape. Therefore there are types of wine like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Champagne, Provence. Individual wines go with specific cheese. For example: light red wine matches with soft cheese, roquefort and blue cheese is good with smooth white wine. You can buy a bottle of wine at a supermarket for only 3-4 euros.

6. Amazing regional dishes waiting for you to discover

The food in France boasts many different cuisines and dishes. Each region has its own country food. Try butter-crisped crêpes in Brittany, Soupe de Poisson in Marseille, Poulet Basquaise in the Basque country, Boeuf Bourguignon in Burgundy, Choucroute Garnie in Alsace. The good thing is, you won’t get any weight after your culinary trip, because the French food is really well-balanced!

7. The French government helps you with kids raising

A great number of pre-schooling services and childcare are fully supported by the government. There are special benefits if you have more than one child – lower taxes and extra cash and big discounts for transportation. Fathers can take 11 days of paternity leave not losing their payment. If you choose to adopt a child the government pays you about € 1 846.15. Mothers can choose to go to work for 1.500-2.000 euro per month, or stay at home, receive around 1.200 euro and be with their kids all the time.

8. Healthcare is affordable and effective

If you get the French residence card then you will also get carte vitale. With this card you will get free medical checks every month and cheap prescription drugs. If you get hospitalized, maybe you’ll be needed to pay a significant charge of 18 euros per day.