Lemons have deserved all the rights to be labeled as a super food, because of their numerous benefits for human health. The lemon tree, as one of the oldest fruits, is most cultivated fruit plants around the world.
Lemons are rich in minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, B1, B6, A, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, bioflavonoid, folic acid and pectin.

Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Inflammation And Chronic Pain 1
They are very efficient against many conditions and diseases, and have numerous positive effects on the stomach, intestines, liver and immune system.
Lemon leaves successfully reduce fever, and lemon peel has strong antiseptic effect. The juice and peels have an acidic and nice sour taste and can reduce stomach hyperactivity.
The lemon peels are full in fragrant volatile essential oils which is good for blood vessels relaxing. Also, they are helpful for nerve and joint pain because of their anti-inflammatory effect.

Here we will present you two very effective ways to reduce chronic pain and to prevent inflammation.

Number one method:

It is very important to use organic lemons. Peel two lemons and put the peel in a jar. Fill the jar with olive oil. Make sure to close it well and leave it to sit for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, rub the oil on the affected area, and then wrap it with gauze. Leave it to work overnight.

Number two method:

Peel the lemon, but only yellow layer without the white one. Then grate it. Rub the affected area directly with the lemon peel and after that wrap it with a bandage. Leave it on for about two hours.


Source: healthyfoodhouse