Vitamins and minerals are more than crucial for our body. We should permanently check the vitamin level because severe health problems can be caused if we lack of vitamins.

One of the most valuable groups of vitamins people need is Vitamin B12 and the lack of this essential vitamin can cause serious health issues!

You should definitely learn about the benefits it provides before you run off to buy this vitamin:

• It energizes the body

This vitamin boosts the energy circulating through the organism. Exhaustion and nausea happen in case you lack this vitamin. Do not forget to increase the intake of vitamin B12 because it also turns carbs into energy!

• Strengthens the bones

You can also suffer from osteoporosis if you lack Vitamin B12. These people also had increased homocysteine in the blood.
Keep the level of vitamin B12 optimal in order to keep yourself safe against osteoporosis.

• Protects against nerve damage

The key compound in your nerves that keeps the organism safe from health risk is myelin. Vitamin B12 actually enables your body to produce this compound in the body.
If you do not lack of this vitamin, the body is able to function properly and the nerve damage is significantly reduced.

• Keeps the heart healthy

One of the most common triggers of heart issues is homocysteine. Vitamin B12 significantly reduces the homocysteine levels in the blood.

Here Is What Happens If You Lack Vitamin B12

1.Swelling and Tongue Inflammation
Your tongue can become inflamed if you lack of vitamin B12. A strange taste or the loss of the sense of taste can indicate this problem.

2. Fatigue
You can feel sleepy or drowsy if you do not intake enough vitamin B12 so it would be ideal to keep the level of vitamin B12 optimal.

3. Feet and Head Numbness
We can have low oxygen level in the body if we lack this vitamin where we might experience dangerous form of numbness.

4. Anemia
The cells that carry oxygen to our organs become unable to do their job if we do not intake enough vitamin B12.

Here Is How To Intake B12 Naturally:

– Turkey – this meet is full of vitamin B12 where you can get 48 mg of this vitamin with a single turkey dish.
– Beef – this type of meat has large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin B12. Do not hesitate but always opt for lean beef meat.
– Clams – large amounts of iron, vitamin B12 and potassium are consisted in clams. You can get 23.8 mg of iron and 126 cal with only 3 oz of clams.
– Eggs – these products are rich in essential nutrients including vitamin B12. They are cheap, available and extremely healthy for your overall health!

Plant based milk, nutritional yeast, cereal, cheese and yogurt are definitely the best sources of Vitamin B12 if you are vegan!


Article source:healthy living thread