Famous actor Jared Leto is 42 years though he looks a decade younger. Good -looking Leto exercises yoga workouts, cycles and hikes. In the drama Dallas Buyers Club Jared Leto played a transsexual woman fighting  AIDS and for that role he starved for a month. He lost over 40 pound eating herb-based diet to portray Rayon. Jared said that his fit physics is developed by regular yoga workouts, vegan diet and productive rest. He won an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Jared Leto Vegan

But these constitutional body transformations are not unfamiliar for this actor.  In 2007 for the role of Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’ s assassin in the movie Chapter 27, Jared Leto gained 67 pounds.

A year later he lost the weight and said he would never do that for a movie role again because it affects his health physically and psychologically.

Leto has been following vegan diet for twenty years and doesn’t drink alcohol. Even though he looks like spending hours at the gym his true secret is that he watch over his fat intake, eats lots of fruits and vegetables and gets enough rest.

He often talks to his fans about his perfectly fit body and his lifestyle giving them support to find healthy, positive ways of living.