Removing mold is a challenging job, especially if you wish to avoid the toxins from the usual mold removers. Borax and bleach are really effective, but also dangerous for your health.
Mold is dangerous for our health too, so what choice do we have?
Luckily, there are alternatives which don’t contain chemicals and they are environmentally safe.
Using these natural solutions you will protect your health from the mold and its dangerous effects.
Mold can cause depression, fatigue, skin irritation, sinus infections and more.

Its Easy Now With These Effective Solutions You Will Get Rid Of Mold SAFELY NATURALLY And PERMANENTL

Here are some natural and useful solutions which can help you to get rid of mold.

Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is a great solution for the mold problems, and also easy available and cheap.
You will need a 3 % hydrogen peroxide. Spray the affected areas and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that scrub the place and wipe it, removing the remaining spores.
Also, you can make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar.
Make sure the hydrogen peroxide is in a dark bottle in order to save its properties.

Vinegar is also effective in removing mold. In an empty spray bottle pour some vinegar and spray the affected areas. Leave it that way, for a few hours and then scrub it with a brush.
If you want to improve the smell, just add a few drops of essential oil.
Vinegar eliminates 82% of mold, bacteria and viruses.
It also can be used as a preventative.

Tea tree oil solution
Maybe this is a more expensive solution, but also very effective.
Mix the 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with 2 cups of water. Spray the moldy area and leave it.
You don’t have to wash it, because the scent will slowly fade away.

Citrus seed extract and water
The best part of this solution is that is odorless. Extracts of citrus seed are neutral, so if you have problem with heavy smells then this is the perfect solution for you. In a spray bottle, mix 20 drops of extract with 2 cups of water. Spray the walls and don’t rinse them afterwards.

Baking soda
Baking soda is another effective and cheap solution. Combine baking soda and water, and spray the moldy walls. Leave it for a while. Then scrub and wipe the walls with a moist cloth, eliminating all the spores. Baking soda is a great choice because it doesn’t leave the house smelling sour afterwards.

If you want to prevent mold appearing, just wipe the humid areas, spray vinegar, buy a mist humidifier and watch out for any leaks in the house and around.


Source: allofpregnency