Wi-Fi is one of the miracles of our modern time. There is practically no urban area without Wi-Fi, and the good thing is it serves for connection of many devices without using any cables.
Every mobile phone is using Wi-Fi and that’s why the mobile companies that manufactured them, made an enormous profit in the last years.
They provide specific instructions and claim that we are protected from the harmful rays, but is this really true?

is wi-fi killing us slowly

We know that wireless devices like phones, laptops and tables use routers so they can connect online. The router emits signals called WLAN, which are very harmful and can seriously affect our health.
Maybe you already heard this, but you ignore it, because you don’t know the real facts about it.
A survey was made by The British Health Agency, in which was confirmed that the signals from the routers hinder the growth of children and plants.
Below are only some of the bad effects that are a result of our exposure to the Wi-Fi:

• Frequent strong headaches
• Lack of concentration
• Chronic fatigue
• Pain in the ears
• Sleep issues

Technology is necessary in our everyday life, and no matter how we try we can’t avoid these rays, but still there is a way to protect ourselves.

Here are some advice and tips how you can protect yourself and your family of the harmful electromagnetic waves.

• Instead of wireless, use cable phones in your home.
• Every time when you don’t use the Wi-Fi, turn it off.
• Before bedtime always disconnect the Wi-Fi programs.
• Avoid placing routers in the kitchen and in the bedroom.


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