Many people are too obsessed to lose their belly fats and forget about another unwanted fat-the back fat. This fat that appears while wearing tight shirt or the wrong bra ruins your general appearance. It becomes embarrassing to you to wear this kind of clothes knowing that there are excess fats on your backsides.

reasons why your back bulge stays
This strongly affects your self-confidence and clothing style as well. Therefore, removing back bulge should be considered as one of the primal things to do, not just for your health but also for your self-confidence.
But, first you need to find out the reasons why back fat exists and why it stays.
1. Big bra band size
If your bra has a big band size, then it is likely that back fat will be formed. Improper band size will make your bra loosely tight, which will result with back bulge. The correct band size protects the bra’s back. It gives your back smooth and nice appearance.
2. Wrong way of wearing your bra
Not wearing your bra properly may cause back bulge to show. A bra that perfectly fit will help you get rid of your back fat.

reasons why your back fat stays
3. Lack of physical activity
Many of us live and lead a sedentary lifestyle. When you are not performing physical activity, your metabolism decreases and with time you will store fat including back fat.
4. Drinking and eating habits can be culprits
The kind of drink and food we are consuming can definitely affect our body. A diet high in fats, sugar, sodium and carbohydrates, damages our body’s proper function and creates too much fat.
5. Weight issue
If you are obese or overweight, there is no secret that you will also have back fat. This condition is more prevalent among heavier people than those with smaller weights.
6. Aging factor
This is another reason for unwanted back fat. As we get old, our skin loses its firmness. The skin can become even softer if we gain weight. If you belong to the aging population you may want to wear a camisole instead of a bra. It will give you the proper support for your back.
You can prevent the creation of back bulge by performing different exercises that will tone your back and remove those fats permanently.