As summer is approaching, many of us are concerned about losing those extra pounds before taking the winter clothes off. Maybe you have already tried some methods for losing weight, but with not much success. Therefore, instead of hiding yourself in trousers and long dresses, why don’t you try this amazing drink that melts fat in a very short period of time.

Perhaps you are not going to like its taste, but many people claim that it helped them to get the body weight they have always desired for.

Here is the recipe how to prepare this drink and the ingredients you’ll need:


• 1 lemon

• 1 tbsp apple juice

• 1 tbsp chili pepper (grounded)

Method of Preparation:

First, peel the lemon. Put the peel in a cup and cover it with 8 oz (240 ml) of hot water. Leave it for 10 minutes. Then add the lemon juice, chili pepper and the apple juice. Consume this beverage before every meal, stirring it before every sip.

Why is this drink effective?

Chili pepper improves digestion and metabolism, stimulates the burning fats process as well. Capsaicin, a component found in chili peppers, can stimulate the nervous system to make warmth in our body, which stimulates the process of burning calories. Lemon has the ability to slow the deposition of fat. Lemon peel contains the ingredient policosanol, which is beneficial for burning fat. Apple juice helps a lot in the dilution of fat.