Every individual body loses extra pounds on its own individual way because not all bodies are built the same way. See which one is the best way to lose weight according to the body type.
We are familiar with three body types: pear, apple and hourglass. Determine your body type and read how your nutrition should look like in order to lose weight quick.

how to lose weight according to the body type

Pear Shaped Body
This body type usually has narrow shoulders and waist and notably larger hips and bigger butt. Follow these 5 rules to lose weight in your lower body:
• Eat less starchy food such as potatoes and beans
• Avoid fats
• Eat a lot of fresh fruits
• Consume low fat cheese, fish, seafood, brown rice, whole-grain bread
• Include more tomato in your nutrition because they will speed up your metabolism

Apple Shaped Body
Women with an apple shaped body often gain excess fat in the abdominal area. See what you need to do to lose weight:
• Consume more food rich in cellulose like legumes for example
• Every morning, eat a piece of fresh fruit
• Reduce animal fat intake
• Eat honey, dried fruits, fish, nuts and fresh citrus fruits
• Increase the amount of water and herbal teas. Ginger tea is an excellent choice for weight loss

Hourglass Shaped Body
This is considered as a perfect type of constitution. Women with this type of a body have ideal proportions, but they are prone to obesity. These 2 rules will help them keep their figure:
• Cut out the nuts and sweets from your nutrition
• Consume foods that are rich in protein: non-fat meats, low fat milk, eggs and vegetables.