A lemon tree can be grown even in a northern climates, in winter and inside of your home.
They are beautiful in appearance and they emit refreshing fragrance.

Here is what you’ll need to obtain to grow a lemon tree at home:

• An organic lemon
• Fertile potting soil with natural fertilizers, perlite, peat and vermiculite
• A planting pot, six inches deep and six inches wide
• A seeding pot, 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide
• A sunny, indoor location and a grow lamp

How To Grow Your Own Lemon Tree From Seed In Your Own Home

These are the steps you should follow for growing your own lemon tree:

1. First, moisten the potting soil, but watch not to be soaked.
2. Take the smaller pot and fill it with soil to an inch below the rim.
3. Remove a seed from the lemon. The seed needs to be moist when it is put into the soil.
4. Bury the seed in the middle and half an inch deep.
5. Directly above the seed, spray the soil with water.
6. With a clear plastic wrap, cover the pot, seal the edges using a rubber band, and with a pencil poke small holes on it.
7. Place it in a warm and sunny location.
8. The soil must be kept moist, so spray it occasionally.
9. After two weeks, the sprouts will be there. Then, take the plastic wrap off. Maybe you will need additional light, so you can use a grow lamp.
10. You will take care properly for the tree if the soil is damp, if the tree gets light for at least eight hours per day and if you add the organic fertilizer.
11. Watch the plant, not to be attacked by diseases or bugs. If the brown leaves show up, prune them off.
12. When the plant gets too big for the small pot, replant it in the larger pot. The procedure is the same when you first planted.

This adventure is worth to take because you will enjoy in fresh lemons and at the same time you will have beautiful home décor.

In the video below, gardener Mitchell Boyle is sharing his techniques for growing lemons.



Source: eatlocalgrown