Back fat is one of the most often problem for people to find clothes. Women have and extra problem with the bra area if they have back fat. The under arm flab is not nice to see, no matter if woman or man has it.
However, this problem can be solved and you can regain your confidence.
The following exercises are for your upper back and shoulders, and they can help you to eliminate the annoying fat.

How To Get Rid Of Under Arm Flab And The Back Fat

1. Push and touch

• This exercise is great for your shoulders, upper back and chest.
• Put your feet that way to be shoulder-width apart. Your palms should face forward and your arms should down.
• Then, put up the arms in a shoulder line, and let the palms face the ceiling. Stay in this position for a while, a few seconds.
• Begin to raise the hands over your head. Let the palms face behind you.
• Return them to the shoulder levels, have a pause for a second. Then put the arms in the first position. Do not move other parts of your body while you are doing this exercise.
• Do 8 of these in 3 sets

2. Bent over a circular row

• This exercise is good for chest, biceps, and your upper and middle back.
• Bend the knees.
• Lean your upper body forward. Let it be in a parallel position to the floor. Extend your hands towards the floor.
• Circle the arms right, up, against the chest, left and down.
• Do 12 of these in 3 sets

3. Crisscross reverse fly

• One most excellent exercise for the upper back and the shoulders.
• Bend the knees slightly, and lean your body forwards making 45 degrees angle.
• In front of your knees, cross your arms at your wrists. Raise the arms in a shoulder line and then return them back.
• Do 12 of these in 3 sets.

4. Elbow kiss

• Great exercise for the shoulders and chests.
• Raise the arms in a shoulder line. Let your palms face the ceiling.
• With your elbows make a 90 degree angle. Pull the arms toward your chest until the elbows and the forearms touch. During this exercise your shoulders should be down, not raising them.
• Do 12 of these in 3 sets.
Do these exercises 3 times a week, for 15 minutes and very soon you will have great results. Train for 3 weeks.