Dr. Budwig, one of the experts on oils and fats in the 1950s, found that the combination of cottage cheese or quark and flaxseed oil has therapeutic benefits in preventing and treating cancer.

Dr. Budwig’s Discoveries

While researching as a biochemist, Dr. Budwig observed that soft fresh cheese (quark) contains almost the same sulphydryl groups located in drugs for cancer treatment. These groups are methionineamino acids and cysteine.
A chemical reactions start when these sulphydryl groups in quark bind with the fatty acids from flaxseed oil. With this reaction flax seed becomes water soluble, pass into a cell and supply it with energy.
Dr. Budwig cancer patients found relief from cancer like brain, skin, breast cancer, by improving oxygen supply to the cells.

Dr. Budwig Diet Protocol as Lifestyle

In order to beat cancer, Dr. Budwig recommends the following protocol:

• Receive enough amounts of sunshine. This way you stimulate healing.
• Drink only purified water
• Do not consume meat, sugar or animal fat
• Eat only fresh and organic vegetables and fruits
• Do not eat leftovers
• Eliminate all processed foods
• Avoid drugs and supplements
• Before consuming grind the flaxseed and consume it within15 minutes
• A mix of cottage cheese (quark) and flaxseed oil should be in a 2:1 ratio. Blend it until there is no visible oil floating

Further Recommendations from Dr. Budwig

Take 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil daily to prevent cancer.
If you are suffering from cancer, consume 8 tbsp daily (in the mixture).
Similar to Dr. Budwig’s research, many other cancer experts have offered analogous cancer treatment protocols that are designed to stimulate cellular function and health by improving cellular respiration, reducing body acidity, strengthening immunity and limiting carcinogens in the organism.

Instructions for Preparing the Dr. Budwig Diet Mixture

With the help of the Budwig Diet protocol you can prevent or even reverse cancer naturally.
Note: 2 tbsp of organic low fat cheese (quark) plus 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil is for every 100 pounds of a person.
1. In a glass container mix 2 tbsp of organic cottage cheese and 1 tbsp of cold pressed flaxseed oil.
2. Using a blender blend this for about a minute. You should receive a mixture with whipped cream consistency.
3. In a coffee grinder, grind 2 tbsp of brown or golden flaxseed.
4. In a separate bowl place ground flaxseed and add the oil and cheese mixture to it. Stir well to combine.
For better taste you can add organic nuts, fruits and spices.


Source: theheartysoul