Dropping excess pounds can be very tricky. But, luckily one simple and available product can help you achieve your weight loss goals. And we are talking about water here. Drinking enough water during the day will curb your appetite, help you eat less and aid in your losing weight efforts. Of course, along with the water you still need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and smaller portions and be physically active.

The correct amount of water that a person needs daily varies depending on the gender, activity level and present state of health. Usually men need around thirteen 8-ounce cups of liquids per day, while women require nine 8-ounce cups.

Getting enough water will not only help you regulate your food intake but it will also help you digest that food properly.
If you are trying to lose weight it is good to drink at least 0.5- 1 oz of water for each pound you weigh, per day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds you should drink about 75-150 oz of water every day.
Look at the chart below and find you weight group as well as the exact amount of water you need to consume daily in order to lose excess pounds.