Probably you never thought that your eyes can change color if you commit yourself on a raw food diet.
Below are pictures of someone’s eyes, before and after. The difference is stunning.
So the question is how did the eyes changed their color? The eyes are an indicator of our internal balance and well-being according to Iridology (an alternative health discipline).

How a Raw Food Diet Can Entirely Change The Color of Your Eyes!
Some people reported that their eye color becomed clearer as a side effect of a raw food diet.
People who are on a raw food diet, claim that cooking makes the food toxic, which can lead to imbalance of our internal system. They believe that a raw food can reduce or even cure all allergies and headaches, improve the memory and boost the immune system.

So, what is Iridology?

Alternative medicine that determines human health through eye color is called Iridology. If iris have unusual colors or patterns that might indicate certain disease.
Before we go further, let’s repeat some basic things about eyes, and their color. Eye color is genetic and it is influenced by the parents’ genes.
An eye color of a baby cannot be predicted before its birth. A colored component of the eye is called the iris.
The color is defined by the melanin pigment. As a child grows the eye color is changing. This is happening because the concentration of melanin in the iris is also changing through the years when the child is forming.

So we can ask if the eye color is variable and it is changing over the first years of child’s life, why is not changing later when the person is an adult?
Human eye color is defined by a set of 3 genes. But only two are understood by geneticists. Colors alone can’t be labeled as dominant or recessive based on hue or saturation. Human eye genes are more complex than medicine previously thought.
When the two DNA strings recombine, multiple possibilities arise, and a completely new set of unique genes can be produced. The results are acting like a fingertip, and there are no two people that have the same iris pattering.
Here is how they explain when it comes to a raw food diet. This food improves circulation, and improve the ability of the body to flush the toxins out of the body. As a result of this process, the concentration of eye pigment is changing. According to “Living and Raw Foods” when the body is free of toxins it regenerates the new cells and this process can change the iris pigment.

This topic still needs to be fully researched, but many practitioners are not willing to give up this idea that the color of an iris may shift through blue, green and light gray, as a result of raw food.
The main advocate of this occurrence is Fully Raw Kristina.
She published a video where she explains this phenomenon how her eyes changes their color from brown to blue green. This video has more than 2 million views.
The iridologist explained that each organ in the body is reflected in the eye.
In Kristina’s video will see how her eyes changed from dark brown to hazel and now even turning blue!