The purpose of the thyroid gland is making, storing, and releasing thyroid hormones into the blood. The thyroid hormones affect almost every living cell in our body, and help control our body’s functions.
The beverage we are about to present here successfully treats thyroid gland disorders caused by iodine deficiency.

Home Remedy For Treating Thyroid Gland Disorder Due To Iodine Deficiency
In case you don’t know, iodine is an element we all need for the production of thyroid hormone. Our body doesn’t make iodine, and if you don’t have enough iodine in the body, you can’t make enough thyroid hormone. Iodine deficiency can cause enlargement of the thyroid, hypothyroidism, and mental retardation in children whose mothers had an iodine deficiency during pregnancy.
One dosage of this beverage will be enough for the treatment.

Here is the recipe for this healing beverage:

You will need:

• 1 kg organic honey
• 40 small green (young) walnuts

Method of preparation:

First, wash the walnuts well, then dry them and poke a few holes in them with a needle, or just make small slices in them with a sharp knife. Place the walnuts in a jar, and pour the honey over them. Leave the jar in a place exposed to the sun.
You should wait for at least 40 days and after that period you can strain the mixture using a strainer. Transfer the resulted liquid into a glass bottle.

How to use it:

The healing properties of this beverage last until you finish it.
Drink one shot (0.5 dl) of the beverage in the morning.