Losing hair is normal as long as we lose 50 – 100 strands daily.
Alopecia is a condition where you lose a lot of hair. There can be a different causes like hormonal change, stress, eating routines.
Today we will present you home cures that can help you against hair loss and to regrow the hair.

Home Cures For Hair Loss That Truly Work

Onion and garlic – have sulfur component which increases collagen creation and helps the hair to regrow.
Cut the onion and juice it out. Apply the juice to the scalp and leave it that way for 15 minutes.
Boil a couple of garlic cloves with a coconut oil. Apply it on the scalp and then rub it a little bit.
You can repeat these treatments 2 – 3 times a week.

Coconut – advances the hair development . It is rich in minerals as iron and potassium which makes the hair stronger.
Take out the milk from a coconut and blend it with water. Apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it through the night.

Henna – gives amazing results when is mixed with mustard oil. Mix 250 ml of mustard oil with a 60 g dried henna. Heat it and rub the hair with this mixture.
You can use also a dry powder of henna.

Hibiscus – helps with dandruff, revitalizes the hair and avoiding turning grey. Blend a couple of blossoms with sesame or coconut oil. Apply it to the scalp. You can leave it for a couple of hours.

Amla – is rich in vitamin C and filled with cell reinforcements. This makes it a great solution for baldness. You can take 2 tablespoon of amla juice or amla powder. Apply it to the scalp and leave it to dry. Wash it off with warm water.

Eggs – are rich in minerals and proteins. Also, they contain sulfur, which makes them perfect for hair regrowth. Mix one egg with one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply it on the hair and leave it 20 minutes.


Source: healthyfoodstar.com