Toothache can absolutely be unbearably painful. And what’s more upsetting is when it occurs in the middle of the night when your dentist’s office is closed. In those situations herbal and home remedies can be very useful. Below is a list of effective natural home remedies for toothache. But first, let’s shortly examine what this problem is and what causes it. The pain of a tooth can range from light discomfort to agonizingly painful that a person lost ability to complete daily tasks. This condition can be triggered by a few factors which include tooth decay, tooth fracture, abscessed tooth, damaged filling, infected gums and repetitive motions like grinding teeth and chewing gums. It’s essential to consult your dentist, who will diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment. In the meanwhile, these herbs may be useful as home remedies.


cloves for toothache

Eugenol is the main molecular component of the oil that is derived from cloves. This substance is a usual ingredient in dental products. Crushed or ground whole cloves are believed to be efficient in treating with tooth pain because of their pain relieving and antibacterial properties. Plus, cloves are recognized for their numbing and anesthetic effect when chewed.


Ginger root is perhaps one of the most familiar herbal remedies for toothache. You just have to peel off the root, put it over the tooth and bite it. The pain should subside eventually. Change the ginger periodically as needed.


Even the dentists recommend applying a piece of raw onion on the affected tooth. Onions are recognized for their antimicrobial properties, and that can be beneficial in treating the dental pain.
When the pain begins to show again, lightly bite the onion for its juice to come out. A piece of onion is efficient in taking away pain and swelling.


Maybe you’ve heard about the new reports that turmeric may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and different types of cancer. But it is also considered beneficial against dental pain and abscesses as well as gum and tooth infections.


Probably you were not expecting this one! Well cabbage can also be a great dental pain reliever. Just take a leaf of cabbage, roll it up, and put it between the gum and the tooth.


goldenseal for toothache

Goldenseal is a flowering herbal plant found throughout North America. This plant is a very good source of berberine, which is considered to be effective at eliminating different types of bacteria. Goldenseal is also used in treating oral infections, sore throats, urinary tract infections, canker sores and sinus infections.


Thyme is also recommended for treating dental pain. According to studies, thyme contains antiseptic and antifungal properties which make it efficient in warding off tooth decay and gum disease. When combined with fenugreek, thyme is effective in treating bacterial infections. But when it is used with peppermint, thyme becomes more beneficial in reducing inflammation and killing bacteria.

Peppermint leaf

According to researches, peppermint leaf or oil is similar to clove oil in qualities for relieving tooth pain. Lots of people believe that you can relieve dental pain by chewing peppermint leaf. This culinary herb consists of menthol that provides soothing and anti-inflammatory effects to the sufferer.
Take two peppermint leaves, chew them until wet and then place them directly on the affected tooth. A few minutes later, wash your mouth with a mixture of 200ml of water and 2 tsp of salt.