Eating raw garlic before eating breakfast is extremely effective in preventing different diseases and health conditions. This was shown in many recent studies. Consuming raw garlic on an empty stomach is strengthening the immune system.

Why is good to consume garlic on an empty stomach?

Consuming garlic after you wake up will reduce and prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing the blood pressure levels. Also, it improves the function of the liver and the bladder.
It treats stomach problems, and it helps with nerve problems.

Garlic and alternative medicine

Garlic is the most effective natural agent that is used in folk medicine. Garlic has the capability to cleanse the whole body from worms, parasites, depression, typhus, prevents diabetes, and even cancer.
If you experience certain symptoms such as headache or high body temperature, you are allergic to garlic, and you should stop eating it.
Patients, who take medications for HIV or AIDS, can have side effects if they consume raw garlic.

Other benefits of garlic

Garlic is useful for treating respiratory problems as: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung congestion, cough and chronic bronchial catarrh.
For tuberculosis treatment you should take one garlic bulb per day. If you can’t eat it at once, you can split it and consume it in a few meals.

Recipe for treating bronchial disease

Needed ingredients:

• 700 grams/24 oz of brown sugar
• 1 liter/33oz water
• 200 grams/7 oz of garlic


Boil the garlic and water and add the sugar. Consume 3 tablespoons of this mixture, every day.

Garlic extract for treating chronic bronchitis

Needed ingredients:

• 100 ml/ 5 oz of 45 % alcohol
• 40 grams/ 5 oz of garlic


Chop the garlic and together with the alcohol put it in a bottle. Close it well.
Let it sit for 5 days, and after that strain it. Consume 1 cup every day.

You can use this remedy for treating asthma and catarrh

Add 20-30 drops of this mixture in a glass with hot water. If the taste is too strong, you can add mint extract for better taste.

Garlic can be used to relieve cold symptoms. Make a warm compress from garlic and apply it on the abdominal area.
You can apply it on an insect bite, also. It is good for getting rid of warts, or toothache. Just apply a piece of garlic on the affected area.
Maybe you haven’t heard that garlic can treat constipation, earache or hemorrhoids.
For hemorrhoids, you should boil water and add garlic in it.
Keep it in a container, and breathe in the steam.
For earache just squeeze two drops of garlic oil in the ear and the pain will disappear.

Important note: Consume raw garlic every day and be healthy!