Natural spices have been used as medicine for centuries. They are full of anti-inflammatory properties that can treat different health issues, despite from being used in our everyday cooking!

Turmeric is definitely one of the healthiest and most popular spices in the world. This spice is extremely effective in reducing inflammation, pain, healing wounds and preventing cancer.
It’s difficult to find the right turmeric due to the many forms of it.


Defining Turmeric

Cucrcumin – the active compound in turmeric is full of different compounds all bringing different kick to the human body. Here are the most important benefits:
• Significantly lowers the risk of cancer
• Stabilizes diabetes
• Deals with depression
• Reduces arthritis pain
• Anti-allergies properties

Turmeric for inflammation

Many different factors can cause inflammation in the body. The process of healing can be annoying and hard. There are two forms of inflammation, chronic and acute inflammation.
Chronic inflammation is permanent and often lasts for months and even years while acute one starts after an injury happens and often extremely escalates.
Inflammation can cause many different issues such as heart problems, obesity, arthritis, asthma and cancer.
According to Dr. Mercola and the nutritionist Donnie Yance, many heart related issues and cancer can be caused by chronic inflammation!

The Difference Between Supplements and Whole Turmeric

The biggest difference between turmeric supplements and whole turmeric is that curcumin is presented in larger amounts in supplement form! A tsp of turmeric powder will provide you 15 mg of curcumin while supplement will provide you with 500mg.
However, fresh and raw turmeric is always the best choice.
Supplements are a better fit because the flavor can be quite intense.

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You should not take turmeric supplements if you:

• Are iron deficient
• Take diabetes meds – can often cause hypoglycemia
• Suffer from stomach issues – often triggers diarrhea, nausea or gastric irritation
• These supplements prevent clotting such as aspirin – they often cause more bruising and bleeding
• Have scheduled surgery in the next 15 days
• Suffer from gallbladder and/or gallstones
• Struggling with conceiving
• Are pregnant! – there are higher risks of miscarriage

Proper dosing and using of turmeric

• 400-600 mg 3 times per day for standardized powder supplements
• 15-30 drops 4 times on a daily basis for tincture (1:2)
• 30-90 drops per day for fluid extract (1:1)
• 1-3 g per day for dried, powdered root
• 1.5 – 3 g on a daily basis for cut root

You should definitely implement turmeric and other spices into your daily diet. They can do wonders to your overall health and provide you wide range of health benefits!


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