China as the largest producer of rice in the whole world, produces 200 million tons per year.
But sadly, Chinese agriculture is full of chemicals, pesticides, GMO products, etc. The Korea Times published a report in which they claim that china’s rice is produced artificially.

Synthetic (plastic) resin is mixed with a potato starch, and then from the mixture are formed rice-shaped grains.
In the last stage, the gains are steamed with a rice aroma.
The scientists and all the doctors warn against eating this dangerous product.

Today, in this article we will show you some tricks how to make a difference between the real rice and the plastic one:

The Mold Test
Cook some rice and place it into an airtight container. Let it stay like this, for a couple of days in a warm place. It the race is moldy then it is ok, but if it stays mold free then it is an artificial rice.

The Pestle and Mortar Test
If you crush a few rice grains with a mortar and pestle, you should get fine, white and starchy powder.

The Fire Test
With a lighter or a match, set some rice on fire. If it smells like burning plastic, then you will know that it is fake rice.

The Water Test
In a cup of cold water, put one tablespoon of uncooked rice. If it sinks, then rice is fine. But if the grains float, then do not consume it.