These days butter is making a huge comeback. People are realizing that actually butter is healthier than all artificial substitutes on the market.
Even some people started to use butter on the ways that sounds bizarre.

Here Is Why You Should Be Putting Butter In Your Coffee Every Morning!

They are adding butter into the coffee! This is the newest trend. Butter is considered as a healthier alternative than sugar and creams.

This latest trend is approved by medical professionals, of course, only if you don’t have problems with high cholesterol levels. Very important is to use unsalted, grass fed butter.
Actually, only this kind of butter is a healthy alternative.
Natural, grass fed butter is a great source of vitamin K, and great source of healthy fats, also.
The omega 3 and omega 6 ratio are in perfect mix that can lower body fat levels. Butter gives our body energy because of short-chain acid butyrate. This benefit also helps with neurodegenerative disease and heart disease prevention.

How to make it:

To your coffee, add one or two tablespoons of melted grass fed butter. After that, put a tablespoon of MCT oil. Stir it well until it’s frothy and blended. The MCT’s is helpful in producing ketones, which support the body to burn the energy from fat instead from carbs.
Below is a video which shows everything you want to know about this strange but amazing drink and the details how it actually works.
Definitely this drink may be 2 in 1, for boosting energy and ideal formula for fat burning.