When talking about cow’s milk, you may be expecting to hear that it is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins A and D and other nutrients that we think are valuable for our body. Well, cow’s milk also has an acidic animal protein that may have a calcium-leeching effect, pus cells, bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, a lot of unnecessary fat, calories and cholesterol — all of them creating a serious imbalance in the body.
The calcium found in animal milk is not absorbed well in the human body and it can actually be accompanied by a numerous of health problems.

Here is Why You Need To Stop Drinking Cows Milk Immediately
1. Bone Health
Believe it or not milk is actually harmful to our bone structure. One Swedish study shows that women who consumed large amounts of dairy milk every day were more likely to maintain fractures than women that didn’t consume milk.

2. Lactose intolerance

People have difficulties digesting cow’s milk because of the lactose, which causes symptoms such as nausea, gas, cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.
3. Skin conditions
In many studies, the consumption of cow’s milk was associated to an increased skin problems and severity of acne in both girls and boys.
4. Cholesterol
One glass of cow’s milk contains around 24 mg of cholesterol, yet vegan food doesn’t contain cholesterol.
5. Antibiotics and Hormones
Many cows are pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones. This can affect your gut health and decrease your immunity.

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6. Saturated fat
One single serving of whole milk contains more than 20 % of the daily recommended allowance of saturated fat.
7. Weight gain

One study that involved 12,000 children showed that by drinking more milk they gained more weight.
8. Cancer risk
Some hormones found in milk may increase the risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer. Because it is difficult to digest, milk becomes acidified in the body and your gut is more often inflamed. All of these affect your immunity and your health in general.