If you combine the cannabis with coconut oil, it will increase its bioavailability and it will make the use and the absorption of nutrients much greater, claim the experts.
The effectiveness and potency of the THC is due to large amounts of saturated fat from the coconut oil. Cannabinoids are well absorbed by other oils too, but the coconut oil absorption is far superior.

Here Is Why The Cannabis Coconut Oil Is So Powerful And Effective
For a hundred of years, cannabis has been used for a different medicinal purposes and health issues like anxiety, swelling, insomnia, inflammation, aches, menstrual pain, depression, etc.
It contains capric, lauric and caprylic acids, which gives antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and among many benefits. It improves digestion and boosts immunity.

Cannabis Coconut Oil

By combining cannabis and coconut oil, you will get cannabinoid, a remedy that can be consumed externally, as a capsule, or taken with food.
To prepare this remedy, follow the instruction below. For every ounce of coconut oil, you will need one gram of de-carboxylate marijuana.

• In a jar, put the crushed marijuana and add the coconut oil. Seal the jar well.
• After that, put the jar in a pan with water.
• Slowly heat the water, and cook it for an hour on the temperature lower of the boiling point of marijuana’s active compound, and that is 315 F.
• With a cheesecloth, strain the mixture. This way you will get rid of the solid elements.
• And in the end, squeeze the whole juice from the cannabis.
This cannabis coconut oil can be consumed alone, or in combination with other food, or you can use it as a lotion.
For detailed information, check the video below:


Source: besthealthyguide.com