Cleaning your bed mattress may be really hard after some time when millions of molds, dust mites, bacteria and dead skin cells had accumulated in it. But, we all know that it is of great importance to clean your mattress regularly in order not to be exposed to some serious health problems.

Here Is What Baking Soda Can Do To Your Mattress This Will Leave You Speechless


On You Tube there is a channel about some simple cleaning methods which are economical and effective in the process of cleaning your mattress. This channel owner is Melisa Marker.
Her method of cleaning and deodorizing the mattress consists of simple sprinkling some baking soda over it.
For this procedure you will need about 200 gr. of baking soda. And then, you’ll just have to spray it over your mattress and leave it like that for around 30 minutes. After that, vacuum it.
This way you will not only clean your mattress and leave a nice scent, but it will also make your sleeping environment healthier. It is important to vacuum your mattress before you start with the cleaning and one more time after you sprinkle it with baking soda.

Below is a video that shows how Melisa Marker performs this baking soda cleaning method: