We all want to come to a pleasant, clean and smelling home after a hard and long day at work.
There are a lot of products on the market, but most of them do the opposite of freshen up your home.
Luckily, today, we will present you safer alternatives that will make your home a place that smells amazing and it will not put your family or pets in danger.

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Drop the Air Freshener

On almost every air freshener there are warning signs, how it can be dangerous or fatal if you inhale large quantities.
All of these products contain harmful substances. Some of them, like phylates (it helps the perfume stay longer) can cause allergic reactions or even can trigger asthma attacks.
These products “fragrance” a cocktail of 3.000 chemicals. 900 of them are considered toxic and can cause very serious health problems like cancer and reproductive disorders.
A study from 1991, presented by the EPA, discovered that these chemicals when inhaled can cause dizziness, central nervous system disorders, uncoordination, nausea, drowsiness, slurred speech, kidney damage, respiratory failure, irritation to the throat, mouth, eyes, lungs, skin and GI tract, ataxia and fatigue.
Alternatives, like scented candles are not better solution. They also contain harmful chemicals that have serious effects to our health. Inhaling these chemicals can damage skin and eyes, respiratory tract, and increase risk of dementia, leukemia, developmental problems and reproductive disorders.

How to make your own room spray

This is perfect non-toxic alternative that will make your home smell great.

Needed ingredients:
• 1 tbsp. of baking soda
• 10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice
• 500 ml distilled water
• 1 clean spray bottle
• A medium sized glass (or you can use stainless steel bowl)
• A funnel

In a bowl (or glass) pour the essential oil and the baking soda and mix it well together. You can use a fork. To transfer the mix to the spray bottle, use the funnel.
Store the spray in cool and dark place. Shake it before use.
To refresh your home, spray it in the air, on furniture or linens.


Source: dailyhealthpost.com