Purple corn is in the group of Peruvian super foods. It is cultivated in seaside areas, as well as in the mountains. We know about a few purple plants in nature, and therefore, for people who try to eat true rainbow nutrition, purple corn is a fantastic choice.

Purple corn contains a wide range of phytonutrients, including massive amounts of anthocyanins and phenolics.
Anthocyaninins are a complex flavonoid that gives blue, red or purple colors. Anthocyaninins have anti-inflammatory properties and encourage the regeneration of the connective tissue. They also reduce cholesterol and promote blood flow.

Studies have shown that anthocyaninins may protect blood vessels from free radicals, and they have the ability to promote collagen formation and improve circulation.
Purple Corn contains a higher antioxidant quantity than blueberries, which makes it a great new super food of our time.

Purple Corn Benefits

Research shows that a diet rich in polyphenolics is associated with lower risk of developing cardiovascular illness and certain cancers. Consuming foods rich in polyphenols can:
*Lower blood pressure
* Protects against atherosclerosis
* Reduces blood clots
* Uplifts antioxidant capacity of our blood

health benefits of purple corn 1

One study from 2003 declared the effects of purple corn on diabetes and obesity. Two groups eat a diet rich in fats for 3 months, but one of them also consumed purple corn pigments.
Those that consumed purple corn:
* Didn’t changed their weight
* Didn’t show hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, or hyperleptinemia, which are signs for diabetes risk.
On the other hand, the group that didn’t get the extract and consumed only a fat rich food, showed an increase in all these points.
A Japanese study showed that the pigment found in purple corn blocks the development of the colon cancer.
As colon cancer is among the most lethal forms of cancer, including some purple corn to your diet is a really good idea!

There is a belief that purple corn can also help us open the third eye chakra, due to its purple color. The third eye chakra is important for increased intuition, and opens up to spiritual truths.