Gingivitis is the easiest form of periodontal disease. But, if left untreated, it can lead to much more dangerous gum disease-periodontitis.
Chronic periodontitis is represented by inflammation of the supporting tissue of the tooth and bone loss.
In most of the cases of gum disease that are not that serious, the gums can be healed in less than a week.

Heal Gum Disease In A Week With These Natural Strategies

Here are some advice that will help you heal gum disease in a very short time:

1. Quit smoking

Smoking is very bad for the gums and teeth. It brings a huge concentration of carbon and free radicals in our mouth that causes certain chemical reactions, damaging our cells and depleting the mouth of minerals and vitamins.

2. Chew on garlic

I know it is not pleasant, but it’s worth it. Garlic has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Eat garlic regularly and your gums will be thankful.

3. Improve gut health

If you have an infection in your mouth, then it is also in your intestines and it’s flowing into your blood stream as well. Make sure to fix your intestines and typically, the whole body will be good.

4. Try oil pulling

The best choice will be coconut oil. It has the ability to effectively inhibit the growth of the bacteria found in the mouth. Take one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and put it in your mouth. Swish around for 15 minutes and then spit it out. Rinse your mouth with water.

5. Make natural toothpaste!

Chewing on garlic and cleaning your teeth with unrefined sea salt and baking soda does more for your teeth than any commercial toothpaste.
Here is a simple formula for homemade natural toothpaste:
• equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil
• stevia if desired
• essential oil to taste