Onion is great skin cleaner, bacteria killer and blood purifier.
The health benefits of consuming onion include mood improvement, keeping healthy skin and hair and reducing the risk of several types of cancer.

He Slept With A Red Onion Around His Neck
Whether the onions are raw or cooked, they are very healthy, though the raw ones contain higher level of organic sulfur composite, which provides many health benefits.
Adding onions to your meal is a perfect way to flavor it, without adding extra calories, fat or sodium.
There are many ways of preparing onions. They can be roasted, caramelized, sautéed or grilled.

Besides all these benefits, onion is very helpful with thyroid gland disorder.
Dr. Igor Knjazkin from St. Petersburg has a very effective recipe for the treatment of thyroid gland which includes red onions.

This method is very simple. All you have to do is to cut the onion in the evening, so the juice can flow from it. Take on half and massage your neck around the area of the thyroid gland.
Don’t wash your neck, just go to bed, so the juice from the onion can make an effect through the night.
The onion supports the function of the thyroid gland. Then, put a piece of onion in your socks and go to bed.
It is well to remember that red onions clean the skin, eliminate bacteria and the phosphoric acid purify the blood.

Through the years, in traditional medicine, the onion has been used for the following:
• Purifying the blood
• Purifying the air
• Killing the pathogens and bacteria