Although grapefruit is principally known by its weight loss properties, this tangy and sweet fruit is actually loaded with healthful components (like vitamin C and lycopene). It’s considered as a fat-burning food which can kick-start our metabolism. Grapefruit also can reduce kidney stone risk, reduces stress, fights gum disease and protects against cancer.

Here is how grapefruit can help your weight loss:

1. Keeps you full

This fruit is loaded with fiber, and for that keeps you full longer. Research has found that consuming half a grapefruit before meals can provide greater weight loss in dieters. If you think that it is an extreme to practice this before every meal follow it just before breakfast.

grapefruit weight loss

2. It is a low-calorie substitution

Grapefruit can be consumed beyond breakfast on several ways. Substitute dried fruit with grapefruit slices in salads or use it to satisfy your cravings for sweet as a light dessert.

3. Stabilizes blood sugar

Research shows that this healthy magic fruit has components that may reduce insulin levels. Lower levels of insulin are important for your body to use food more efficiently for energy and not storing it as fat. According to one study, grapefruit was effective at controlling insulin almost as the popularly used diabetes medicine metformin.

4. Curbs cravings

There is one interesting thing about starting the day with grapefruit. Studies show that even just the smell of grapefruit can help in losing weight. Researchers suggest that sniffing grapefruit oil may have a reaction on liver enzymes, and that can help to confront cravings and catalyst weight loss. Therefore, maybe it’s time to start using some grapefruit-scented bath and body products!