Many of us have probably experienced motion sickness, no matter if we are on a boat, on an aircraft or in an automobile. The list of potential treatments is large and one of the oldest remedies is ginger. Also, ginger is one that has many proves for being successful in treating motion sickness.
To avoid motion sickness, take ginger for about 30 minutes before you plan to travel.
One research in the journal named Lancet, involved 36 participants that were especially prone to motion sickness. They all took ginger before traveling and it was shown that ginger delayed the beginning of motion sickness for two times as same as the medicine that was with the same purpose.
Certain Danish researchers made an experiment with 80 naval cadets that were sensitive to sea sickness and find out that those given 1 g of ginger experienced less discomfort for four hours to those cadets taking a placebo.
How ginger works is uncertain, but it is believed that the responsible compound for its healing properties due to motion sickness is 6-gingerol, which improves the gastrointestinal system.

Ginger is a fantastic remedy for motion sickness 1

How Much Ginger You Should Take
You can choose to consume take fresh ginger, ginger supplements or ginger tea. It’s up to you. Many herbalists recommend taking 450 mg of ginger supplement or around 4 g of fresh ginger. But of course kids shouldn’t take as much as the adults.
Who Should Not Take Ginger
People suffering from gall bladder disorders should avoid consuming ginger. It seems, it may have some effects on anticoagulant drugs. Also, pregnant women who desire to use ginger in order to ease morning sickness should first talk with their health care provider to be sure it’s safe to use it.