Cockroaches always appear unexpectedly and it’s really difficult to eliminate them. There are numerous products on the market but all of them contain harmful chemicals that can affect on you and your pet’s health.
In this article we will present you a safe way to eliminate cockroaches without worrying that they will come back.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever With This Simple and Effective Trick Checked Acts 100

First, you need a yolk of a raw egg and 1.7 oz. (50 gr) of boric acid powder. Mix them well to a thick mixture. Make a small balls from it, and leave them to dry out. After an hour, place them in the corners, cabinets, shelves, closets and especially in the kitchen and the bathroom.

If you can’t find boric powder, you can mix a 3% solution of boric acid (100 mg) with egg yolk and a little flour. This mixture has the same effect as the previous one.
A large number of cockroaches will come to the balls, but the boric acid will neutralize them. At first, maybe you will think that this simple method has failed, but be patient, after a few weeks, you will be surprised by the results, and the number of dead cockroaches and other insects.

You need to repeat this procedure after 6 months, because it is possible that the female cockroaches have laid eggs and inserted a new generation of cockroaches.
In case to ask yourself about the safe of the boric acid, do not worry the boric acid is not toxic, and it is safe for your family and your pets.