Today we will present you an amazing medicinal marijuana product which is the first of its kind.
There are many marijuana products on the market nowadays. Many states have allowed this drug for some ingenious idea.

Most of the people accept the idea of using cannabis in the treatment of different painful and chronic issues.
Cannabis is ideal in the fight against pain and severe epilepsy. However, today the scientists and the medical experts became more inventive so they brought various cannabis products to the market.

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A new chewing gum known as MedChewRx was invented by using cannabis. This gum treats chronic pain, especially fibromyalgia.
It is composed of equal amount of THC and CBD (the active ingredients of marijuana).
This gum is digested directly in your mouth – unlike the smoking plant that bypasses the liver.
Here are the other beneficial effects of this gum for the pain suffers:
• Improves age-related cognitive decline
• Stimulates your cardiovascular system
• Stress relief
• Neurostimulatory and neuroprotective effects on your mind

Smoking marijuana is actually less socially accepted than chewing. These chewing gums allow fast pain relief for those who suffer from fibromyalgia almost anywhere.
CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient consisted in these gums. It effectively kills pain without getting you “high”.
CBD stops pain message from getting to the brain by blocking the pain receptors.
Axim Biotechnologies is the name of the company who has developed these chewing gums and the product will be available in the markets in 2018.
CBD reaches the blood stream quickly when reacting with the saliva in the mouth. It actually passes by the internal organs extremely quickly because it does not have to be processed by any of them!
We hope that this product will be ideal for those who often need fast relief, for those who suffer from fibromyalgia.



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