These days companies are advertising products for younger skin, without wrinkles, for lifting the face, etc.
We all know that almost every product contains chemicals that are unhealthy and poisoning our skin and our bodies. Luckily, Mother Nature has given us garlic.

Garlic Mask That Will Make You Look Younger In Just 20 Minutes!

Garlic has numerous curing and medicinal properties. It is rich with vitamins and minerals such as manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber.
Besides helping with high cholesterol, common cold, garlic is also an effective natural exfoliant.

With this garlic treatment you will reduce the indications of maturing and your skin will look fresh again.

For preparing the garlic mask you will need the following:

• small clove of garlic
• honey
• white clay
• cold water
• towel
• a bowl
• a spoon
• a grinding device

Preparing is very easy, just follow the steps below.

Grind the clove of garlic into a paste.
Add one tbsp of white clay, and one tsp of honey. Blend the mixture well.
Apply it on your face to the whole area which you want to treat.
Leave it that way on the skin for 10 minutes or longer as you wish. There is no harm if you leave it overnight.
Wash your face with cold water.
This treatment is completely safe for using it every day if you want.
The only thing that is unpleasant in this treatment is the garlic strong smell, but if you face it out your skin will be thankful for this 100 % effective treatment.


Source:health tips portal