The excessive consumption of some foods often results in accumulation of fat in your abdominal area. When you do not care about the time of your meals, the way of cooking and the type of the food, it is absolutely normal to gain weight and belly fat.
However, it can be easily controlled.
Today we will present you an amazing technique that will flatten your belly in very short period of time.

Here is how to perform it:
Use your 4 fingers to massage your belly area above your navel for 2-3 min as it is shown in the picture. Make circular motions and change the direction in another 2-3 min. This powerful technique will help you get rid of accumulated gasses.

Perform the same movements but much closer to your navel in order to eliminate the retained water. Apply a greater pressure in circular movements by pressing the point marked in the pictures and massage that area.

Massage the lower abdomen in the same way in order relieve the weight you are feeling.

In order to get best results, you should also follow these rules:

Relax – Meditate for 15 min on a daily basis or go for a short walk.

Chew and Eat Slowly – you swallow large amounts of air when you chew quickly and thus causing bloating.

Consume Ginger Tea – this tea prevents the formation of gasses and improves circulations.

Do not consume alcohol on empty stomach because it destroys the healthy microflora in your gut and also inhibits digestion.

Do not drink while eating because it leads to bloating and affects the process of digestion.

Start the day with a glass of lemon water – this useful habit will regulate all the processes in your stomach.

You can find an amazing recipe that will also burn your belly in very short period of time on the following video:



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