How much water should an individual drink each day? This is a simple question, but with no easy answers.
Water is our body’s key chemical component and makes about 60% of our body weight. Every single system in our organism depends on water. Water brings nutrients to our cells, removes toxins out of our body and provides a moist environment for throat, ear and nose tissues.
Not getting enough water can lead to dehydration, a condition which can make you tired and without energy. Also, dehydration can weaken the body’s overall immune system, making it more prone to different diseases.
One quick way to check whether you are dehydrated is by looking your urine. If it is clear and light that means you are well hydrated. If your urine is darker and with strong smell you need more water.
Every day we lose a lot of water through our perspiration, breath, bowel movements and urine. For our body to work properly, we must restore its supply with water.
So how much water does the healthy average need? It depends a lot of our weight.
The table below can help ensure you are getting enough water according to your weight. Find out what is your perfect daily water dosage and try to follow it doing a huge favor to your overall health.

find out if you are getting enough water according to your weight