The FDA confirmed the arsenic presence in the chicken meat that is on the market in the US. This cancer-causing agent is included in the chicken feed.
The arsenic in fact is added to the chicken fodder and ends up in the chicken meat. We enter it in our bodies through its consumption.
Also, it has been discovered that over five decades, we have been consuming chicken products with arsenic.


The company that stands behind this is the same company that uses chemical adjuvant in children’s vaccines, Pfizer.
The company that manufactures Roxarsone chicken feed is actually a subsidiary of Pfizer and is called Alpharma LLC.
Apharma agreed to remove toxic feed chemical from the market in the US, but Pfizer claims that it will not remove it from the products in other countries.
The FDA still claims that arsenic is at reduced levels and it is safe to consume. They were supported by the National Chicken Council that responded that “chicken is safe to eat”.
From the other side FDA accused many companies for selling alternative natural products, including raw milk! Recently they visited and accused an elderberry juice manufacturer of selling “unapproved drugs”.
Let’s conclude: the FDA criminalizes the use of elderberry juice and raw milk, but approves the use of arsenic. It is clear that they protect big companies and their profits, and does not support the use of natural products and remedies.

So, when you purchase chicken meat, keep in mind, the following tips:

• First check the date.
• The fat content should be white to deep yellow, but not gray or pasty.
• Avoid the chicken with unnaturally bright pink color
• Choose “Certified Organic” products, just to be sure that you consume safer products.